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Oral History Alphabetical Name Index

This page is a comprehensive list of all oral history transcripts held in the University Archives.  Processing continues on the oral history collections; this list of names will be updated as more interviews become available.

Oral histories are protected by copyright; see the Copyright Statements page for specific information.

Interviewees are listed in alphabetical order.  Use the quick links directly below to jump to names starting with a specific letter of the alphabet.

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Almond, Nanci

Augustin, Byron Dale



Bain, Ruth

Barton, Bob (Jr.)

Bishop, Harry

Borgfeld, Lewis (GVEC Project)

Bosanko, Dan and Marie (GVEC Project)

Bowles, Ira Renay

Bozka, Tommy (GVEC Project)

Brieger, Al

Brooks, Rose

Brown, Ronald C.

Brunson, Bill

Brunson Haynes, Martha Luan

Bynum, Victoria



Cape, Clara Louise

Cape, J.M. II

Carney, Margaret

Carpenter, Liz

Cates, Jerome Curtis

Chapman, Charles W.

Cheatham, Lola

Clayton, Charles E.

Collier, Terry

Conrad, David

Coor, Thomas (GVEC Project)

Cowan, Emmett and Addie

Craddock, Emmie

Crook, Eleanor

Cunningham, Bill



Davis, Oran W. (GVEC Project)

Dees, Lillian

Dennis, David R. (GVEC Project)

Dibrell, William

Dockall, Wallace

Dressen, Gus and Betty



Eckols, Lewis B. (GVEC Project)



Fahringer, Frederick H. (Jr.)

Farlow, Daniel E.

Fauver, Edwin M.

Fields, Margaret

Finlay, Kent

FitzPatrick, Merry Kone

Flowers, John Garland (President)

Fritz, John (GVEC Project)



Giesen, Wren

Giles, Ollie

Gilliam, Stormy

Goodman, E.C. (Sally)

Granberry, Gayle

Green, Ben



Hageman, Rosemarie

Harborth, Millard (GVEC Project)

Hardeman, Sammie

Hardesty, Robert L.

Hardesty, Walton D. (Pete)

Harle, Nicki

Harper, Bruce

Harrell, James Nelson

Haynes, Mary Sue

Henderson, Richard B.

Hindson, Theodore

Hines, Milton D. (GVEC Project)

Holmes, Samuel

Hopson, Wilbur

Houston, Ralph Hubert

Hudman, Lee



Inman, Bobby Ray

Irelan, Joan W.



Janak, Joseph and Mildred (GVEC Project)

Johnson, De (Diana)

Juel, Martin O.

Jurecka, Lawrence "Red"




Kellam: Carolyn Kellam Curtis and Nita Louise Kellam Mayo

Kirk, Rudolf

Kissler, Betty Jane

Klimitchek, Richard and Joyce (GVEC Project)

Komandosky, Ed and Susan

Kyle, Henry C. (Jr.)



Lee, Eugene

Lester, Mr. and Mrs. Pal (GVEC Project)

Liddle, William D.

Logan, Fannie Mae (GVEC Project)

Lorenz, J.P. Jr. (GVEC Project)

Lott, W.A. (GVEC Project)

Love, Dan

Lucio, Augustin (Jr.)



Mackey, Anne

March, Fred

Margerison, Kenneth

Mauro, Garry

Martinez, Joel

McArthur, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. (GVEC Project)

McCrocklin, Harriet and John

McCrocklin, John

McDonald, Vernon

Meeks, Marian

Mendez, Celestino

Middleton, Harry

Miller, Harvey

Moloney, Louis

Morriss, Jim

Murdock, Pat

Murphy, Retta



Netardus, Leon (GVEC Project)

Nollkamper, G.D. (GVEC Project)

Norris, William E.

Norwood, Pat





Pool, William C.

Powers, Garland and Mildred (GVEC Project)

Price, H.Y. (Jr.)

Pridgeon, Marcos (GVEC Project)





Roche, Bruce

Rodriguez, Solia and Linda



Saenz, Thomas

Sansing, Virgal

Schultz, Clarence

Schwartz, Theresa

Scudder, Adelia O'Meara

Serur, Terry

Sherrill, Julia

Siepmann, Theodore (GVEC Project)

Skidmore, Gerald D.

Slaughter, Steve (GVEC Project)

Strey, Elton and Mary (GVEC Project)

Strey, Melvin (GVEC Project)

Sullivan, George

Sullivan, Patty

Swinney, Everette

Swinney, Wilford



Tidwell, Barbara





Vasquez-Philo, Ofelia



Willman, Grace (GVEC Project)

Wilson, James A.

Wilson, Leonard

Winkler, Max

Woods, Virginia



Young, Robert A. (GVEC Project)



Zedler, Empress

Zinkgraf, Steve