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Shredding Options

Shredding is the preferred disposition method for sensitive, confidential, or personally-identifiable information.  When in doubt, shred!

Departments are responsible for managing their own records throughout the entire life cycle of those records - from creation, through storage and use, and finally through disposition.  Small amounts of records may be easy to shred in the department, but larger amount of records may require more planning.  Fortunately, there are several options for shredding large volumes of records.

Large Shredder in JCK

Departments may utilize the heavy-duty shredder located on the 2nd floor of JCK.  Check out a key from the VPFSS office.

Each department is responsible for shredding and bagging their own materials and for cleaning up the room afterwards. 

Shredding Vendor

Various departments on campus have contracted with vendors to shred large volumes of material; costs vary, so a cost comparison is recommended. 

It is important to shred confidential records and other records with personally-identifiable information.  ATI SecureDocs is one state-approved vendor that can dispose of paper and media (hard drives, floppy disks, CDs, etc). 


Hard Drives and Other Media with Confidential Information

If a department does not have the means to dispose of hard drives and other media with confidential materials on its own, IT Security will provide assistance.

Complete the Materials Management form titled "Requesting Pickup of Surplus Equipment".  In the field that asks for "Description of surplus, if computers..." enter "Confidential [describe what you have - computers, hard drives, etc.] need(s) to be picked up and destroyed."

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