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UPPS 01.04.32

The University's Records Management Policy was established in the summer of 2016.  This policy details records management responsibilities across campus and provides authority for employees to follow the RRS when retaining and disposing university records.  Section 02.08 defines the term "Records Administrator" as an individual who is assigned authority by a record owner to create, retain, access, or dispose of university records.  Section 05 encourages records administrators to attend training once every two years to stay up-to-date with policies and procedures.

Ethics and compliance training

Texas State University's ethics and compliance training helps protect the university from regulatory errors, omissions and failures by improving communication and information among members of the university community.  All staff members must complete compliance training every two years to renew their Ethics Compliance Certification.  Records management is one of the subject areas included in this program.

State of Texas certification

The University's current Record Retention Schedule (RRS) was certified by the State of Texas and is valid through December 2023.  This RRS applies to all University records, regardless of format.

The University's Records Retention Schedule (RRS) is in compliance with Federal and State retention requirements. It is an authoritative document designed to provide guidance to employees for how long records must be retained and when the records should be disposed.

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