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Information for University Departments

University records

Texas State University implemented in 2007 a comprehensive program to manage university records and preserve those records with long-term historical value.  The Records Retention Schedule provides instruction for disposing of records once they have exceeded their legal retention requirement; records with no further value may be discarded, while records with historical value should be transferred to the University Archives. Note that records management training is offered each semester, and that the website provides information about the records management program


Departmental history

Departments, programs, and significant event anniversaries are as important to the Archives as they are to those who are celebrating.  Help us prepare for future anniversaries by contacting the University Archives now to discuss how best to preserve the routine documentation. Items such as annual reports, awards programs, invitations, brochures, and newsletters are considered essential to documenting departmental history.  We also accept "other" things, such as long-forgotten boxes of historical materials or artifacts, that relate to the department, the university, or the local community.   Have a question about potential archival materials?  Please contact us!


Physical transfer

Sending materials to the University Archives, whether paper or digital, works best when the transfer is planned.  Small amounts of physical materials may be sent via campus mail, but larger volumes may require curb-side drop-off.  Digital materials can be transferred via the network or File Locker.  Contact the University Archives for assistance with planning the transfer.

Transfer authorization form

Once you've spoken with an archivist about the materials suitable for transfer to the University Archives, please complete a Transfer Authorization Form.  This form documents the transfer of ownership from the department to the University Archives and requests information that archivists need to establish a new accession or a new accrual of materials. 

When completing the form, records owners should include inventories of physical materials and/or digital files so the Archives will know what to expect.